SVH Minutes
January 18, 2020

Present:  15 Members - Phyllis Narus, Carrie Francis, Sue MacDuff, Denita McCulley, Carla Boudrot, Nancy Marucco, Jane Collins, Sandi Suggs, Teresa Scott, Wanda Kelley, Steve Prentice, Chris Bindrim, Marie and Wally Whitman, Tawanda Privett.

Chair, Phyllis called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. at R&M Yarns in Georgetown, TN.

Minutes & Treasurer’s Report:  The minutes were not read because they were posted on the blogspot for members to review.  No corrections were announced.  The Treasurer’s Report was presented.

Program:  Carrie Francis presented a program on how to use Ravelry on the web to store information on yarn and other supplies, as well as setting up project pages to track information on your weaving projects.  She also shared how to ask questions on Ravelry when you have questions about your weaving.  She shared some of her own experiences with this and how successful her responses were.

Old Business:

—The 2019 Guild Challenge pillows were displayed for members to view.
—The board met in December to discuss items and hopefully shorten the “business” portion of the meeting by having issues worked out and share highlights in the meeting.

New Business:
—The board reviewed the ByLaws and some minor changes are posted on the blog for members to review.  Members are encouraged to review these changes and a vote will be taken in the February meeting to accept or make additional modifications.
—The 2020 Proposed Budget was presented.  Carla made the motion to accept this budget, seconded by Marie.  Motion passed.
—Sandi shared information for the 2020 programs.  February—Weaving Ergonomics by Wanda; March—Swap & Sell & Announcement of Guild Challenge by Jane; April—Twig/Branch Weaving by Sandi; May—Finishing Techniques by SVH Members; June—Open; July—No meeting; August—Tablet Weaving by Steve; September—No meeting (Ed. Event in Collegedale); October—Open; November—Studio Tour; December—Holiday Party & Challenge Exhibition.
—The Fiber Festival will not be held at R & M Yarns this year.  The Guild will participate in a Farm to Fiber Day at the Commons in Collegedale on September 20.  There is no charge for a booth.  Any items sold will pay a 10% commission on sales.  Phyllis will chair this year.
—Jane volunteered to chair the 2020 Weaver’s Challenge.  Members should share ideas with Jane prior to the March meeting.  The challenge will be outlined at the meeting.
—Phyllis announced that Carrie will chair the 2020 Convergence Display booth in Knoxville.
—Steve and Sue gave an update on the 2020 Convergence in Knoxville.
—Chris volunteered to be the audio visual coordinator and assist program presenters with any A/V setup or needs.

Show & Share:  Several members shared their most recent weaving projects; photos will be on the blogspot. 

Next Meeting:  February 15 at 10 a.m. at the R&M Yarns Studio.

Respectfully submitted,
Wanda Kelley, Secretary