Saturday, May 31, 2014

Of Warp and Weft and You

Have you ever wondered what happens at a SVH Guild meeting?  Perhaps you have thought about coming to the monthly meetings, but don't know anyone there.  Or maybe you don't yet have a loom and aren't sure how difficult or easy weaving is, but you know you are interrested in learning more.  Or you are a weaver with years of experience, multiple looms in your studio and are not certain this group is for you.

Whatever your skill level or lack thereof, we have a place for you in SVH!

The people are friendly, the talk is lively and informative, and we always have room for just one more person.  That means we have saved a place for you.

At meetings we share our weaving triumphs and the not so much.  We talk about new techniques we have picked up since meeting the previous month.  We even try new to us techniques and skills from weaving on looms to finishing techniques like braids and decorative stitches.  We bring examples of fresh from the loom, the dye pot, the fulling, the spinner's wheel  items we have made.  If you are a creative soul, this is the bunch for you.

Did I mention there is usually an assortment of finger food, too? **wink**

Come to our next meeting and see what we are about.  Whether you are a total novice or a master weaver, you'll learn something about your craft and about yourself, too.  By seeing what others are doing, you will likely gain inspiration for weaving journeys of your own.

Save that third Saturday morning of each month for yourself and the SVH Guild.  You'll be thrilled you did!

This is just some of the SVH gang.  Don't we look like a friendly, fiber loving. warp and weft working bunch?  All that is missing is you.