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Scenic Valley Handweavers Lending Library*
Updated March 2016

American Rugs and Carpets, Helene Von Rosenstiel, 1978 (Steve)
The Art of Weaving, Else Regensteiner, 1970 (Steve, Jane)
The Book of Looms: A history, Eric Brody, 1979 (Steve)
Brocade, Harriet Tidball, 1967 (Jane)
Building the Oregon Loom, David Mathieson, 1973 (Jane)
Card Weaving, Russell E. Grofl“ (Jane)
Color and Dyeing, Harriet Tidball, 1965 (Jane)
Contemporary Costume, Harriet Tidball, 1968 (Jane)
Cut My Cote, Dorothy K. Burnharn, 1973 (Jane)
Designing for Weaving study guide, Carol SKuItZ, 1981 (Steve)
The Dye-Pot, Mary Frances Davidson, 195 0 (Jane)
Encyclopedia of Handweaving, Stanislaw A. Zielinski, 1959 (Jane)
Foot—Power Loom Weaving, Edward F. Worst, 1924 (Jane)
The Gentle Art of Plying, Judith MacKenzie, DVD (Steve)
Hand Weaving and Cloth Design, Marianne Straub, 1977 (Steve)
A Handbook of Weaves, G. H. Oelsner, 1952 (19 15) (lane)
The Handweavers Pattern Directory, Anne Dixon, 2007 (Steve)
Handwoven Specialties, 62 Articles…to Make, Harriet Tidball, 1964 (Jane)
The Joy ofHandweaving, Osma Gallinger Tod, 1964 (Jane)
The Joy of Spinning, Marilyn Kluger, 1971 (1 ane)
Learning to Weave, Deborah Chandler, 1995 (Steve)
The Makers Hand, Peter Collingwood, 1987 (Jane)
Manual of Swedish Hand Weaving, Ulla Cyrus, 1956 (Steve, Jane)
New Key to Weaving, Mary E- Black, 1975 (1945) (Jane)
Parallel Shadow Weave, Elizabeth Lang and Erica Dakin Vocllch, .1987 (Jane)
The Pile Weaves, lean Wilson, 1979 (Steve)
Playing with Blocks, Erica V oolich, 1977 (Jane)
Popular Wheel Mechanics, Judith MacKenzie, DVD (Steve)
Practical Textile Designing, Thomas Nelson, 1951 (1945) (Jane)
Rugweaving Techniques for Two-Harnesses, Joanne Mattera, 1979 (Steve)
The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Handweaving, Mary Meigs Atwater, 1959 (Steve, Jane)
Spinning and Weaving with Wool, Paula Simmons, 1978 (Jane)
Spinning Wheels, Ulster Musetnn, 1976 (Jane)
Syro—Palestinian Folk Art, Calvin College Center Art Gallery, 1980 (Jane)
Tapestry Weaving, Alac Pearson, 1984 (Steve) '
The Techniques for Rug Weaving, Peter Collingwood, 1979 (Steve, lane)
Textile Design Course for Weavers, Kay Geary 195 6 (Jane)
Twill Thrills: The Best of Weavers, Ed. Madelyn van der Hoogt, 2006 (Steve)
Warp and Weave, Robert Leclerc, 197 1 (Steve)
Weave a Good Rug, Tom Knisely, DVD (Steve)
Weave It: 28 Projects for your home, Marilyn Meltzer, 1981 (Steve)
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book, Rachel Brown 1987 (Jane)
Weaving: A handbook for fiber craftsmen, Shirley E. Held, 1972 (Steve)
Weaving Techniques for the Multiple Harness Loom, Peirre Ryall, 1979 (Steve)
Weaving Tricks, Susan Gilmurrray, 1981

*Lenders will be individually responsible for identifying their books. Borrowers will contact lenders and arrange for pick up and return. Scenic Valley Handweavers is not responsible for loss or damage.