Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Meeting Announcement and a request

The October meeting will be held October 15th at R&M Yarns, 8510 Highway 60, Georgetown, TN 37336. (423) 961-0690.  Normal start time of 9:00 for social gathering then the meeting starts at 9:30.

The agenda will include various old business, new business including the election of Officers for 2017. Nominations have been received for all positions, but nominations are not closed until prior to the voting.

Don't forget to bring along examples of 'repurposed' weaving or discuss progress towards the guild challenge (due at the November meeting).
Nobody yet for the book review - bring something along to discuss/share if you like.

Our normal show and share.
The program was to have been on Tapestry by me, but I'm away at a wedding this meeting.  Their may be a program on double weave, but if not then the election of officers is the program.
Request from Jane: Can members bring (for donation) any empty yarn cones. I plan to take the cones to H'Art Gallery so the clients can decorate them to support the gallery.

Also, if anyone has yarn (or beads or any art supplies) that they do not intend to use, the gallery can! I had several skeins that just did not like me. So after two decades, I donated them!