Monday, May 30, 2016

Meeting Announcement

The May meeting will be held May 21st at R&M Yarns, 8510 Highway 60, Georgetown, TN 37336. (423) 961-0690.  Normal start time of 9:00 for social gathering then the meeting starts at 9:30.

The agenda will include various old business, new business including; a report and discussion on the recent SVH Fiber Festival, a report on the Stitches South road trip, the possibility of SVH name tags (Steve has a example from the Knoxville spinning guild).

The draw for prizes from the SVH Fiber Festival will be held.

There will be a book review by Mary: Next Steps in Weaving - What You Never Knew You Needed to Know by Patti Graver.  The June book review will be by Donna volunteers needed for July onwards.

Our normal show and share plus any labor saving devices you can bring along (to keep with this months program).

The program is: Ergonomics of Weaving by Wanda.

Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 Fiber Festival

Saturday was the 2016 Fiber Education Festival and first off many many thanks to all who spent time before and after, setting up and packing away the site. Somewhat abbreviated this year by a fairly intensive downpour and some spectacular winds the first 3 hours went really well. Inside the 40 x 60 tent everything from the sheep shearing to fine products were on display with active demonstrations throughout. Outside the tent there was the earth loom, dyeing and circular knitting demonstrations and the R&M Yarn shop was open limited hours. We had catering this year which unfortunately was at the 'weather' end of the tent, but those that did get in early for their lunch/snacks did seem to enjoy the food before we closed up early for safety and while things were still fairly dry! Thanks again to the guild members who took time to demonstrate. We will be looking forward to greater success next year.

The Activity Books were popular and we have some donated prizes already.  The draw will be held at the next meeting on the 21st of May

Look out for photo's soon 

Secretary SVH