Sunday, January 20, 2019

Show and Share from January 2019 Guild Meeting

Lots of Show and Share at the January 2019 Guild Meeting.

Carla Boudrot

Carla brought a bag she made from her own woven material. She wove the cloth from acrylic scrap yarn on a RH Loom and created a lined bag with a gusset bottom.

Chris Bindrim

Chris has been experimenting with scouring yarn. He has been creating 'scouring clothes' woven on his RH loom that can be used in the kitchen. 

Martha Ooten

Martha has been busy on her looms. Her first show and share is a fold over bag made on a RH loom with an 8/2 cotton warp and commercially available cotton yarn as weft. 

Martha also brought in several towels she wove using pick up on her RH loom as well as a small tapestry piece that was her first attempt at tapestry weaving. I really thought I had pictures, but apparently I do not. 

Tawanda Privett

Tawanda shared a scarf she wove on a RH loom with a Katrina warp and acrylic weft 

Tawanda also brought her first pieces off a Navajo Loom she and her husband built. This is one of the pieces.

Wanda Kelley

Wanda brought a scarf she wove on her 4H floor loom. Both warp and weft are rayon. 

And finally some pictures of Steve Prentice explaining the Progressive Weaving Project and explaining the twill threading for his start to the piece. Each person who signed up will take the table loom and weave approximately 20 inches then pass to the next person to weave a section. 

Elaine Bradley Workshop coming September 27-28, 2019

SVH Guild will host Elaine Bradley presenting a workshop on an Introduction to Summer and Winter with a bonus discussion on profile drafting and blocks. This workshop will be focused on floor looms as a minimum of 4 shafts will be needed. The workshop will be held at the Birchwood Community Center, Birchwood, TN.  Go here to sign up.

The workshop will be offered to SVH Guild members for $125. Non-member rate will be $150. Guild members will have until the March 16th guild meeting to register before the workshop is made available to non-members. A $50 deposit will be required for guild members to hold their spot in the workshop. If for some reason you need to cancel, you will be able to get a full refund of your deposit if you cancel by June 1st. After that refunds will be offered on a case-by-case basis depending on the number enrolled in the workshop. We will advertise the workshop to non-members at our booth during the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend April 12-14, 2019. Non-members will be required to pay in full at the time of registration. Phyllis Narus has a limited number of looms to rent to those who do not have a portable loom. Member cost to rent a loom will be $25 and non-member cost will be $40 for the entire workshop. Keep an eye on this blog for further information on how to pay your deposit and final fees. We are working on getting a link to Square for those who would like to pay online.

Elaine Bradley
Elaine of Atlanta, GA, has been weaving since 1986 and teaching since 1992. She has studied at Haystack, Penland, and the Folk School. Her work has been published in "Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot" and "Weaver's" magazines and displayed in regional and national exhibits. Elaine's instructional style emphasizes the basics and good craftsmanship, along with originality and creativity.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

SVH By-laws for review

Here are the by-laws with proposed changes in RED. Please review by the next SVH Guild Meeting and be prepared with your changes or agreement. I will also send these by email to the membership.

Scenic Valley Handweavers
of Southeast Tennessee
Originally adopted: February 16, 2013 Revised: 11/18/17
Revised: 2/16/19—proposed changes in RED
Mission Statement
To create and promote opportunities to educate, share and stimulate interest and appreciation in handweaving among group members as well as the community.
  1. Name
    This organization shall be known as the Scenic Valley Handweavers (hereinafter referred to as “SVH”).

  2. Membership
    1. Membership is open to all those wishing to become actively involved in SVH’s activities and
      pay annual dues.
    2. Members will be given priority in workshops, field trips and other special events.
    3. Members in “good standing” (dues are current) are eligible to vote in all elections and
      decisions requiring a vote.
  3. Dues
    1. Dues are set by a vote of the membership.
    2. Dues shall be payable at the October meeting each year. A member’s name shall be dropped from
      the membership if their dues are not paid by January 1st of each year.
    3. New members joining on or after the July meeting (thru December 31st) shall pay 1/2 of the
      annual dues amount.
  4. Officers and the Board
    The officers of SVH shall consist of: Chair, Program Chair & Secretary/Treasurer. These officer positions may be changed and/or added to with a 2/3 vote of the membership. These officers and any committee chairs appointed shall be considered the “Board.”

  5. Duties of the Officers
    1. Chair: shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees as needed and perform other acts incident to
      the office. The Chair shall also work with the Program Chair in planning programs for SVH.
    2. Program Chair: shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair and handle all public relations
      and marketing for SVH, as well as work with the Chair in planning programs. The Program Chair will
      also keep the SVH website current IF a social media chair is not appointed by the Chair.
    3. Secretary/Treasurer: shall take roll of the members present and keep minutes of all SVH meetings as
      well as Board meetings and send via email these minutes to the social media chair or program chair for posting on the SVH blogspot in a timely manner. The Secretary/Treasurer will also collect and record all monies paid by the membership and give a financial report at all meetings. All bills not in the approved annual budget must be approved by the Chair. The Secretary/Treasurer must submit a proposed budget each October for the following year to be approved by 2/3 of the membership.
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Scenic Valley Handweavers By-Laws (cont’d)
  1. Election and Terms of Officers
    The nominating committee shall present a list of potential officers at the October meeting (nominations may also be made from the floor at this meeting).
    Following the nominations presented, elections will take place with a majority vote of the members present (or by email or proxy) deciding a position or posi- tions. A revote will be taken in case of a tie by the members present. Officers elected will take office January 1st of the following year and shall serve for one year. They may be re-elected for successive terms.
  2. Officer Vacancies
    Vacancies in any office, except the Chair, may be appointed by the board until the next election. A va- cancy in the office of Chair shall be filled by the Program Chair until the next election. On the inability of the Program Chair to serve, the board will appoint an acting Chair to finish the unexpired term.

  3. Meetings
    1. The meetings of SVH, unless otherwise indicated, shall be on the third Saturday of each month.
    2. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.
    3. Nomination and election of officers shall be held at the October meeting.
    4. A proposed budget shall be submitted for approval at the October meeting.
    5. When Board meetings are held, they shall be announced and open to any interested member.
  4. Committees
    The Chair shall create committees with appointed chairs as needed. These chairs will also be considered Board members for their term.

  5. V oting
    1. Voting shall be decided by a 2/3 vote of members present.
    2. These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of members, provided the proposed amendment has
      been made available a month earlier to the membership.
    3. If a member is not present for a vote, an email or written proxy may be submitted.
  6. Protection of Personal Information
    SVH will protect e-mail addresses and other personal information of members and others. Messages sent by e-mail will be sent as “blind copies (bcc)” so names and addresses will not be revealed. Anyone who wishes to be added or deleted from any lists should notify the Secretary/Treasurer. Members may not distribute other member information without specific permission from the individual.

  7. Agreement
    Membership in SVH implies approval and acceptance of these By-Laws.

  8. Adoption
    These By-Laws were initially approved and accepted by a 2/3 vote of SVH members on this 16th day of February, 2013.

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