Thursday, September 20, 2018

Show and Share from September 2018 SVH Meeting

During the September SVH Meeting two of our members brought in their FOs to share with the group.

Here is a woven scarf from Carla Boudrot

Sandi Suggs brought in a kumihimo necklace

2018 SVH Challenge--Wearable

The 2018 SVH Challenge was to make a wearable using a technique that was new to the weaver. This year's submissions were impressive. Here are the pictures of the entries for the Challenge with the weaver modeling his/her own wearable.

Big hand to all the weavers for these beautiful pieces of art. Stay tuned for more information at a later date on a date and place to view the Challenge entries.

Chris Bindrim had several pieces

a.    Poncho wove in a clasped weave as two strips, then the two sewed together.
b.    Scarf – White and Dark Grey alpaca – 4 scarves sown6. together.
c.    Scarf – Alpaca – turquoise and brown in a plaid.  Using triangular loom, the second side is woven white the first on is underneath.  Then both are removed by stitching together.

d.    Ruana – Again second woven over the first – Color pattern woven using Fibonacci series with light and dark gray.

Wilma Chambers

1.    Jacket from raw silk.  Top half in hand-stitched shibori, lined with silk.  Lower half of a rayon and bamboo thread used together in 8-harness twill.

Donna Barker
Vest in a rag weaving using cotton fabric strips 

Carla Boudrot
Blouse made from rayon crinkle yarn sett at 8 epi woven on a rigid heddle.  Lemon yellow with pastel stripes woven from rayon crinkle yarn dyes by Candi.  Double stitched with stitching on top of seams

Phyllis Narus

1.    Tunic top woven in three pieces using navy and silver rayon cotton (50/50) 20 epi.  Sleeve hole insert, horizontal stripes in front and has an overall slimming effect.

Sandi Suggs
Jacket with vertical stripes – 8/2 cotton slub (used double) in blue, orange, and golds sett at 8 epi.  Lining was hand-dyed.