Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Meeting Announcement

Meeting and 'Rugs, rugs, rugs' Exhibit road trip.

The September meeting will start at the Crossville Library; 3 East Street, Crossville, TN at 9:30 AM (Central time) on the 17th of September for those heading straight there. Contact number is Wilma.

Other options for travel:

For anyone coming from south of Georgetown, TN and might be considering carpooling, meet at R&M yarns by 8:50 AM (Eastern time) for a 9:00 departure. Contact numbers: Phyllis or Steve.

Chris and Marie are heading direct from the Athens area. Contact: Chris.

Mary is heading from Chattanooga, departing at 9:00AM, Hixson area. Contact: Mary.

For contact phone numbers: email svhguild@gmail.com

This will be an abbreviated meeting with discussion on future Crossville/other exhibits.

There will be lunch after the meeting - likely at the 5th Street Market.